9 Best Skateboard for beginners 2022- Complete review & buyer guide never seen before

Are you a newbie to skateboarding? Do not have enough knowledge about skateboards and looking for the best skateboard for beginners. In fact skateboard is a great medium of transport for school and college-going students.

 Although it is very tough to find a suitable product for your child or even for yourself if you are a beginner to skateboarding.
And that’s just one side of the story!


So, the good news is that after reviewing different skateboards in-depth and complete research, we collected some perfect skateboards for beginners with all their features and drawbacks. We have collected the data of Some of the top-rated skateboards of 2020 on the market.

Here is the list of top 9 best skateboards for beginners of 2020

Best Skateboard For Beginners




Best skateboard for beginners

 Best skateboard for beginners 2020- Top 9 skateboards

OHDERII Skate Skateboards⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard⭐⭐⭐⭐
Roller Derby Deluxe Series⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Hiboy Electric Skateboard⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
SCSK8 Pro Skateboard⭐⭐⭐⭐
Best SkateXS Beginner Complete Skateboard⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Idea Skateboards,31''X 8" Pro Complete Skateboard⭐⭐⭐⭐


 1: OHDERII Skate Skateboards 31 Inch By 8 Inch Skateboard

From a lot of skateboard brands, OHDERII skateboard is entirely different and unique. For beginners, it is a decent choice. Professionals can also enjoy the ride. In fact, a perfect board for both beginners and professionals.

High-Quality material makes it more durable when it comes to waterproof features. You can ride it comfortably anywhere you want. You will get a pre-assembled perfect skateboard. Infact there is no need to install anything as it is ready for use tool.

Features and Specifications

  • The plastic deck with four smooth casters provide awesome durability.
  • It also featured with 7 layer Canadian maple ply wood with impact-resistant ABS material base.
  • The 53 mm PU wheels with the support of 5″ trucks are designed to provide extra strength and capacity to go long.
  • Abec 7 technology High-quality Bearings provide tremendous weight capacity to 300kg
  • We can say it is an all-purpose skateboard having qualities of surfing, riding downhills, and cruising around the streets.

A high end skateboard with some extra features like T-tools, carry bag and spare wheels make it best skateboard of 2020

As far as I have reviewed this product. It is a perfect choice for beginners and teenagers all across the world.

ohderii Complete Longboard Skateboards
  • Super Quality ABS material
  • Waterproof body
  • Low riding longboard provide maximum stability
  • Pre Assembled shape
  • One year warranty
  • Not much suitable for small kids

2:Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Krown Rookie Skateboard is manufacturer by Krown that has been working on creating high end best beginner skateboards for many years. You will get the safest ride at a cheap cost. It comes in several colors and excellent quality.

Features and Specifications

  • With such an affordable price, it comes with maple wood deck. 7.5×31 inches deck is an ideal size for beginner adults and girls.
  • You can get a comfortable and balanced ride without any difficulty.
  • The five-inch aluminum trucks provide durability and strength.
  • You can easily handle this skateboard. Either you are performing tricks or cruising around streets or going to school or college.
  • Krown Rookie skateboard ensures smooth, safe, and fast ride with 52MM 98A Urethane material graphic wheels. Bearings are quite better which are ABEC5.
Top rated and  best budget skateboard for beginners adult and teens
It is a pre-assembled and ready to ride skateboard. You can choose the color of your choice as it comes in multi-colors.You can not get such type of quality and material anywhere else.
krown Rookie Complete Skateboard
  • Best on budget
  • Pre Assembled
  • Lightweight and stylish
  • An ideal choice for beginners
  • Aluminum Truck and Urethane material, graphic wheels
  • Wheels are a bit fast hard to ride it slowly


3: Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard

Powell dragon skateboard is an excellent choice for those who are looking for the best skateboard from beginners to advance level. Looking towards its features, it can be your most favorite board till today. It has some cool graphic designs.

Features and Specifications

  • 7.625 inches wide and 31.625 inches longer, a 7-ply maple deck is an ideal choice for new riders.
  • On the top of the board, there is amazing grip tape, but at the center, there is a dragon with diamond pattern.
  • High-rebound polyurethane wheels provide great grip.
  • Powell-Peralta Ligament strap is its biggest selling point.
  • The purpose of this is to make deck strong and flexible, or keep the deck together if it may break.
  • The carbon steel axles and kingpin used to increase the board strength.
Any other board can not beat this in quality and price

I would recommend it as the best beginner skateboard as it is a perfect tool for indoor skating and skateparks. Besides the beginner’s skateboard, you can also perform some tricks with this board.

Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard
  • Best Skateboard for Beginners at reasonable price
  • Fast speed with durability
  • 54mm diameter wheels are perfect for beginners
  • Best for beginners to perform basic tricks
  • Very smooth ride
  • Hard wheels
  • Difficult to roll over on the stones

4: Roller Derby Deluxe Series

If you are a beginner and are low in budget, then don’t worry, I have an excellent choice for you. The Roller Derby skateboard by Roller Derby Delux Series. They are the major suppliers of the market.

Features and Specifications

  • It is an all-around skateboard for the riders.
  •  The best thing about this board isn’t pricing only, which is very affordable but also a great quality product.
  • The deck size is 31 x 7.5 inches which is a perfect classic size.
  • It is an Already assembled deck durable 7-ply hard-rock maple wood.
  • The lightweight aluminum trucks are compatible with 54mm wheels.
  •  Fast Bevo Silver-5 bearings help in moving fast and gives a smooth ride.
  • Attractive graphics make this board more versatile and unique.
No doubt it is a top quality skateboard on the market.One of the easiest skateboard to ride.

I’ll definitely go with this board for many reasons like this skateboard comes with an extensive range of colors with a very reasonable price. That’s the reason this is an ideal skateboard for beginners.

Roller Derby Rd Skateboard
  • Very affordable price
  • Ensures quality and safety
  • Pre-assembled board
  • Best for cruising
  • Trucks need to adjust

5: ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard

If you are a beginner or kid and want to use skateboard for traveling, then ChromeWheels 31 inch is the best pick for you. If your kids are keen to skateboarding then is the perfect choice for them as it will last long as your children develop their trick and skating skills.

Features and Specifications

  • This skateboard is a versatile choice for all types of riders because of its 31″ x 8″ perfect dimension with 8 layers of maple wood.
  • Talking about the more features of the Chrome wheel, it has a solid deck with powerful grip tape that helps you enjoy the ride with safety.
  • There is no limitation of age; anyone can experience it if your weight is less than 220-lbs.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum trucks provide enough support to perform any basic tricks.
  • The 50 mm anti-shock PU wheels ensure a smooth ride with maximum safety features.
One of the coolest skateboard that can boost the performance of beginners with some basic stunts and tricks

It is pre-assembled skateboard and has enough safety features that the beginners can enjoy cruising with confidence. It provides durability with a smooth ride.

Best Skateboard For Beginner
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use skateboard
  • A product for all type of riders
  • Sturdy wooden deck
  • Carrying bag an extra feature
  • A multifunction board for tricks and cruising
  • Big in size so difficult to control for small kids

6: Hiboy Electric Skateboard

Hiboy Electric Skateboard is an e skateboard that is designed as joyful, fun, and easy to handle board. This is suitable for school and college-going beginners and teens. It is featured with upgraded technology an material.

Features and Specifications

  • It gives a pretty cool look with 30 x 8.3 x 4.4 Dimensions.
  • It has extended battery life.
  • . You can travel 6.2 miles with one time charge, which is considered an ideal Battery life within the city.
  • Lightweight design is the best choice for a joyful ride.
  • Because of 7.94 lbs weight, it has extreme stability and has excellent turning.
  • The board has a dual hub motor, which allows you up to 12.4 mph fast speed.
  • To ensure your safety during the ride, it has four brake modes.
  • The most prominent feature of this electric board is a wireless remote control, which is rechargeable and helps you to control the speed with comfort.
  • In sum, this is the best electric skateboard to ride around the town and neighborhoods.
Currently, it is one of the best electric skateboard on the market for weight and features

The reason behind picking the Hiboy Electric Skateboard is that it is budget-friendly and straightforward and easy to learn without any difficulty.

Best Skateboard For Beginner
  • Ultrasmooth performance with lightweight
  • Different ride modes and 4 brakes
  • Comes in two colors
  • Best price with cool look
  • Sometimes its hard to turn a bit difficult to understand

7: SCSK8 Pro Skateboard – Best Beginner skateboard

SCSK8 started from a small company in 2010. Now it has become a quality material production warehouse. SCSK8 skateboards are great in quality at a very affordable price. Beginners can easily manage to buy this tool as it is very cheap in price and good in quality.

Features and Specifications

  • Talking about the parts it has 7 plywood maple deck.
  • With the 8 x 32 dimensions, it is the perfect pick for street cruising and for performing some basic tricks.
  • Beginner kids can also learn to ride easily.
  • The maximum weight capacity us up to 225 lbs, which is ideal for both beginners and expert skaters.
  • 52 mm PU wheels with 101A hardness gives a smooth ride with balancing capability.
  • ABEC 9 red bearings (that reduce friction) with 5-inch aluminum trucks ensure enough safety.
  • Black grip tape provides significant stability to the riders.
Best electric skateboard to learn on skating. We can say A high end skateboard.

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard is an affordable skateboard for beginners with so many features. Alongside these features, there are few drawbacks also, bearings need to upgrade because they are slow. For pro riders, trucks are slow, but for new riders its is perfect.

Best Skateboard For Beginner
  • Affordable
  • Suits for both beginners and pro.
  • Fantastic balancing
  • Strong grip tape
  • Low bearings
  • Slow trucks

8: Best SkateXS Beginner Complete Skateboard

SkateXS is a well-known brand of kids, also known as best brand for beginners. As I reviewed this board so I would not wrong if I say it is the best skateboard for beginners, kids, adults, and girls as well. It is the best product of 2020 in the market.

Features and Specifications

  • SkateXS Beginner Complete Skateboard is designed beautifully with high-quality features and components.
  • The deck is intended explicitly for youngers and beginners so that they can learn skate with safety.
  • The lightweight and durable bamboo board is a sustainable and environment friendly
  • This is a great choice for newbies.
  • Vaguely soft 90A 53mm Wheels provide a smoother ride on different surfaces.
  • You can choose from different colors to make it more versatile.
  • The high precision pre lubricant ABEC-7 bearings with removable shields are very easy to clean. Multicolor Jessup Premium Grip Tape provides fantastic durability and control.
Undoubtedly, SkateXS Beginner skateboard is the best choice for young and adult skaters.Also a best skateboard brand for beginners.
Best Skateboard For Beginner
  • Bamboo deck with custom name printed
  • Removable shield and easy to clean
  • Available in 8 colors
  • Available in different sizes according to the age
  • Tricks can be performed easily
  • Wheels are bit soft
  • Slightly high in cost

9: Idea Skateboards 31”X 8″ Pro Complete Skateboard

Idea complete 31″ X 8″ skateboard this suitable for any stage skateboarders.The luminous design on both front side product logo and backside enamel pattern with bright color give a premium look. In the low light, the display is very eye-catching, but in daylight it will not have such an effect.

Features and Specifications

  • 7 layer panel Canada maple deck ensures 100% Durability and Safety.
  • The high density non-slip waterproof gives you more comfort and safety during skateboarding.
  • The Double kick concave design is ideal for beginner skater to perform basic tricks like 360’s,OL action, and some other basic stunts.
  • High Bearing Capacity of PU street wheels up to 300 kg is a safe ride for teenagers and adults.
  • ABEC-7″ bearings with 53mm 102A PU wheels are the guaranty of the smooth and speedy ride with safety.
The best thing about the idea skateboards is their customer support and it is the best skateboard brand for beginners


If you are not satisfied with performance of the product or there is any kind of issue with the board, you can contact their customer service within 30 days. You can place your order without any hesitation and worry.

Best Skateboard For Beginner
  • 100% durable and safe
  • High-speed bearings with potential security
  • Graffiti Design deck
  • pre-assembled skateboard
  • A beginner to advance level skateboard
  • Not suitable for kids under 6 years


Buyer Guide for choosing best skateboard for beginners

Best Skateboard For Beginner
Either you are a beginner or a skateboard enthusiast, No worries at all we are here for you. You don’t have enough knowledge about picking the best skateboard its completely fine.We will guide you to choose the exact product according to your requirement. Here are some important factors that we have to consider while selecting the best skateboard for beginners.


Best Skateboard For Beginner
The most important thing while choosing a perfect board for beginners or experts is the deck and deck material. The maple wood is the industry standard for the deck. It is a hard rockwood and prevents snapping. The quality boards use 7 ply maple normally. Some manufacturer uses plastic decks also. We have covered every detail about choosing the best deck earlier in the other post.

The next important thing which is to be considered is design and shape. The concave board design has a slightly raised nose and tail. It is the most familiar design and mostly used in performing tricks and stunts.

Same as like the more cancave is deep, the less it will be stable for the beginners. Some designs are simple, and some are printed. Some pro skateboards have the custom name feature also. You can get more about the style of the skateboard here.

Best Skateboard For Beginner

For more durability and stability, the quality of wheels plays an essential part. There are different kind of sizes, shapes, materials, and features of the skateboard wheels. For beginners “90a” level wheel is mostly used. Normally most of the beginner’s skateboards are equipped with hard plastic wheels.

Professional skaters and the expert riders often use harder wheels up to 100a”, because they are keen to perform some tricks and stunts. As far as I reviewed between a90a and a 97a wheels are the best choice for beginners. Some renowned brands of the wheels are PU Wheels and Urethane Wheels.

Some other important factors about selecting the best skateboard for beginners are Trucks and bearings.


After reading all the reviews, you may notice that there are different kinds of skateboards with varying ranges of price. Even for newcomers, some can get only in $25 and while some other boards are of $150 or more. It all depends upon your budget, your requirements, and your knowledge about skateboarding.

If you have a good idea about components and features, you can get a cheap but good skateboard easily. If you are a beginner or newcomer, I would suggest not to invest too much on expensive boards.

Some Frequently asked questions 

Where should a beginner skateboard?

For beginners, it is challenging to cruise around the street. Being a newbie, they should learn skateboarding into parks, empty roads, schoolyards, and in other open places. They can practice some basic tricks on the soft grass.  Large and open areas are the best places to learn skateboarding.

How long should a skateboard be for beginners?

Normally, the usual size for the beginners, is about 8.1″ to 8.36″ width and 32″ in length. Note this is not the fixed size; this is just the appropriate size for the beginners. Mostly a wide board with long wheels may be a good choice for beginners.

How do beginners learn to skateboard?

Final verdict

If you are a beginner adult or a kid  then you have a variety of choice of boards you can get skateboard of your choice by considering your needs and requirements and matching them with product features. Let say if I have to choose a board for me, I will go for a longboard as a beginner.

If you are interested in cruising and performing tricks, then double-kick skateboard is best choice for you. Same as that, if you have large feet, then you will need a wider deck so that you can easily adjust your big feet.

In the end, I will suggest to the beginners that are keen on skateboarding but don’t know much about skateboard simply choose a wider deck skateboard. The wider deck skateboard is easy to control. It’s a pro tip and a great way to learn skateboarding.

So which skateboard are you going to buy? Let us know in the comment section. It would be a great pleasure to hear from you.




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